Monday, April 24, 2017


Oh Mercury, Oh Mercury | Your retrogrades doth ire me!  🎶 🎶 🎶
 (Sung to the tune of "O Christmas Tree".)

Yes, yes, yes people. Mercury is in retrograde once again. (See here for details on the current cycle: Mercury Madness.)

And once again, my exes have come a-sniffing.

By now it should be laughable, right? For the most part it is. It's also annoying because with very few exceptions I don't want to hear from any of my exes.

Have I ever explained what I consider an "ex"?

An "ex" is any guy I've ever had any communication with, with the intent of dating. So even if we've never actually met, he can still be an ex.

As evidenced by many, many, many previous blog posts, any of my cherished readers can see that I've been on many, many, many dates.  😬😫😂

If we've talked and never met, if we went out once or several times and it didn't work out, if we got married and divorced -- it equals lots and lots and lots of contact information stored in my cellular device.

I can count on one hand the number of exes I still willingly communicate with. Seriously.

Anyone I no longer care to communicate with (exes and other folk) are first added to my "reject call" list, an option I thank God for. Calls from any number on that list goes straight to voicemail and my phone never rings.

The calls will show up in my call log but it's unlikely I'll know who called (explanation forthcoming) unless it's a call from a (rare) familiar phone number.

After the person is added to the "reject call" list, I then edit his or her contact information by saving her or his name under a group of various monikers (Nein, No, No Name, No Way, etc.) which allows me to group numerous no-contact contacts together.

Essentially, the ex-communicated becomes one of a huge list of others like themselves. I don't do it to be mean. It's to maintain my sanity. 🙉 🙈🙊

I didn't always feel this way but because of Things That Have Happened in the Past (see post 718), I've learned that if it didn't work out with someone, regardless of the reason we said goodbye or stopped talking, it's best that both parties go and stay gone.  ⛵ 🚘 🚀  👋

Too bad retrograde Mercury brings otherwise. 👺

I'm blaming this current retrograde for the four phone calls I got from Mr. X this weekend (two of those calls from a private number); I'm also blaming it for the text I got this morning from Mr. Y.

It's not the first time Mr. X tried to be sneaky by calling from a blocked number. (See post 627; re: "Fun Young Guy".) This time his call actually helped me because it's how I discovered my phone has the capability of blocking calls from private numbers. (Thanks LG!)

In other similar news, in the past week I've received three (3) calls from the service department of the car dealership reminding me it might be time for a service appointment.

Is this to be a new Mercury-in-retrograde wrinkle? Hopefully not.

I told the second caller that I'd already received a call a few hours earlier regarding same. Today I sent the call to voicemail and yep, same reminder.  👀

Oh Happy Day. 😂

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