Sunday, April 16, 2017


Howdy folks.

I'm tired and sleepy, sleepy and tired.

But how could I rest without updating you all, my faithful readers, on my latest adventure.

Today I had a date. A good date.

How did we meet, you ask? Online of course.

I'd seen his profile, we'd exchanged lots of e-mail on the dating site, we exchanged texts (including photos), and a few phone calls before today.

From his photos, he wasn't quite my type but he seemed like a decent guy and our conversation was inspiring so when he asked to meet, I agreed.

Before anyone wonders, yes, I was late.

In my defense, he moved the time of the date an hour into the future and it threw me off kilter. Yes, in theory I had an extra hour to get ready but in reality it was an extra hour for stuff to happen.

And happen it did!

With an "extra" hour, I went back to the movie I'd been watching on YouTube the night before. Then Baby Bliss called, then my momma, then two of my sista-friends. 😩

By the time the last call ended and I gathered my thoughts, I was counting down from 45 minutes to get showered, do my hair and makeup, get dressed, and perform the additional magic that perks up my twinkle and shine.

I left home with 15 minutes until date time and a 25-minute drive ahead of me.

As I walked out my door, my date texted to say he was already at the restaurant.

Uh oh. 👀

I texted back to let him know I was on my way.

Parking added another few minutes to my time deficit. (That location always has parking issues when the weather is lovely.)

I called to let him know I was there but in search of a parking space. A minute later he called to ask if I'd found one because he had one for me. I was already in my space by then so...

My mama had called me twice while I was en route, necessitating a return call as I headed to the restaurant.

As I strolled along the sidewalk, talking to my mama, a guy walked toward me from the parking lot and said, "Are you gonna walk right past me?"

My heart sped up a bit. What strange man was this, walking too near me?

It was my date, looking less like his photos and more like my type.  😍

Well honey, give me a slice of cake and tell me happy birthday. 😍

Bye mama!

As he and I neared the place we'd planned to eat, we could see there was a line. My date asked if I wanted to choose somewhere else. We walked and talked our way to a different restaurant in the same area.

Beverages and menus on the table, we were so engrossed in our conversation that it took us a while before we actually ordered anything to eat.

Our waiter came and left four or five times.

Eventually I ordered the house salad; he had wings. We lingered for more conversation after eating. Good conversation.

What surprised me -- more than his appearance -- was his energy. He was very laid back and low-key. Extremely appealing.

Finally we headed out to stroll the beautiful lakefront. More good conversation, hand-holding, laughter. Eventually we sat. More conversation. Deep conversation. Pleasantly surprising conversation.

We have more in common than I thought.

Twilight loomed. Reluctantly I suggested we wrap things up, knowing he had driven an hour to be there and he gets up with the roosters for work.

He had already told me he wanted to see me again so...

Summation: Today was a good day. I'm thankful. 😁

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