Monday, November 21, 2016


In late April, T, a long-time friend passed away. Her funeral was held the first Saturday in May. I drove six hours round trip that day, to say goodbye to my friend and visit with her family.

Her mom, M, and I have grown close in the 20 plus years I've known their family. The last time I saw M was at T's funeral.

M was in the last dream I had just before waking this morning.

A, a guy I dated in my early 20s, was in the dream too.

A and I were in M's kitchen with M. She had lost a lot of weight and she was wearing a wig, something she's never done in waking life. I knew it was her although she didn't look like herself.

A was sitting at the table. M was at the stove cooking something in a frying pan that looked like Native American fry bread. M called it something that I can't remember. I was standing near M, off to one side.

She and I were talking about T and how much T loved the bread M was cooking.

A was quiet, anxiously awaiting his bread.

Suddenly M's wig went missing in one of those mysterious ways that things happen in dreams. With her own hair she looked like herself.

The bread was done; M plated a huge piece and spread some sort of reddish goo on it that might have been some kind of fruit preserves. She gave it to A.

That's when I woke up.

I realized right away that it had been too long since I'd spoken with M. I called her right away. We talked for over two hours, catching up and reminiscing.

The rest of my Sunday was quiet and uneventful.

It turned out to be a good weekend after all.

I'm thankful.

There have been many many dreams between this one and the one I wrote about prior to this one. Silly me for not journaling them here or on paper.

My dream book had some pretty interesting things to say about the symbols I recalled from my Sunday morning dream.

1. Mother: see Parents - to dream of the parents of others indicates that you can count on the help of friends when you need it.

2. Wig: New faces in new places is the message contained in a dream featuring a wig or wigs

3. Cooking: One of the most fortunate dreams going; whether someone else was doing the cooking or you were doing it yourself, it is a promise of every material comfort in the near future.

4. Bread: if it was fresh, white, and tasty, your future is secure.

5. Kitchen: if the kitchen was modern and/or attractive and well-kept, it predicts good news or happy social events.

6. Fry: a dream of frying anything indicates unhappiness in love, unless you burned it, in which case you will soon be consoled.


Sunday, November 20, 2016


Happy Sunday folks.

My weekend turned out to be a mostly quiet one. Quite the opposite of what was planned but it's obviously what I needed.

As some of you know, for many in America, Thursday is the celebration of the country-stealing holiday we call Thanksgiving.


For me it's a time to spend in reflection and fellowship. Sometimes with family, sometimes not.

My birth family has been the source of many life lessons. But that's the way it's supposed to be, right?

Lately there have been lots of lessons.

One family member voted for Trump. Another texted several family members begging for money for an adult child who chooses to stay unemployed because he is too full of himself to take a job that's not in the field of his college major. Then there are the enablers who always make excuses for the others, regardless of the situation.

I really don't want to share a meal with these people.

I also know they'll want to talk about Mr. Bliss. He'll always be part of our family though he's no longer with us. I don't want to talk about him every single time we gather for family events.

Thinking about him while I'm going about my daily life has its own challenges. Being with a group of people who want to talk about him has been overly emotional at times.

Baby Bliss has a paramour who's taking up a lot of her non-working hours so I expect she'll eat with his family.

Which leaves me here eating alone and I'm fine with it. That way if I want to cry, I can do it without feeling bad about it.

It looks like the rest of this week will be devoted to planning my Thursday meal.

Definitely macaroni and cheese. Frozen because there's no way I'm attempting that one from scratch.

Probably rotisserie chicken from my local Harris Teeter. Or maybe salmon, which I already have in the freezer.

A pie too. Pumpkin is the traditional dish for the holiday but I've never been a stickler for other people's traditions and I do love a good apple pie. Pie will be pre-cooked. I wish I could do it from scratch because I don't want the ton of sugar and other stuff they add in.

Hmmm... Maybe I will make my own apple pie. I've baked a few since Mr. Bliss departed. Not that mine are anywhere near as good as his, but I've learned that the hardest part is chopping, coring, and peeling the apples. I have a graham cracker crust that I've been anxious to use in an apple pie. It's not the usual crust for the pie but I love graham cracker crust so I want it.

If there's pie there should be vanilla ice cream. There are already two pints of Ben and Jerry's in the freezer: vanilla and Mint Chocolate Cookie. When ever I buy a favorite flavor of Ben and Jerry's, I buy a pint of vanilla to mix with it. Their delectable yummies are flavored ice creams mixed with other flavors and it's just too much flavor for me. So I mix with vanilla to get just the right amount of flavor for me.

Is that too much flavor for you?



Veggies will probably be steamed kale and mashed sweet potatoes.

And because this time of year brings bread I've loved since childhood to the supermarket, there will be brown and serve rolls.

If I'm really lucky my other daughter (Baby Bliss' co-worker who we've adopted into the family and shall ever after be referred to as Big Sister Bliss) will make a chicken pot pie for me and I won't need the chicken/salmon or the bread. Maybe not the mac and cheese either.

Everyone cross your fingers for my pot pie. Big Sister Bliss makes a scrumptious pot pie and she's been promising one since last week.

Saturday, November 19, 2016


Lest we forget, the Universe is always keen to remind us:

The best laid schemes o' Mice an' Men,  Gang aft agley.

(The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.)

- Robert Burns

On a happier note, I can see beautiful leaves drifting past my window as they make their descent toward what might become their final resting place. 

Friday, November 18, 2016