Thursday, January 28, 2016


Perhaps the Universe thought I was bored, with Mercury turning direct and all.

There is major family drama brewing, courtesy of my father's wife.

Well Jesus take the wheel honey because she has dragged me into the fray and I am not a willing participant.

I love my daddy and regardless of who's right or wrong, he is my primary concern.

While I extend my time and my ear to her, I don't consider our relationship a close one. She has sent entirely too much negative energy and drama my way in the 20 years she and my dad have been together.

I tolerate her because of their relationship.

My father has the right to live however he sees fit, with whomever he sees fit. I respect his ability to make decisions for his own life.

However, the situations that have required my attention lately are causing me to question whether or not they need professional intervention in the form of a visit from social services.

Neither of them is in good health and she has allowed a family member to move in, one who makes my father uncomfortable leaving his wallet laying around.

Over a period of years, this has caused much friction between my dad and his wife, resulting her in calling me to complain about the situation as well as my dad's reaction to it.

She woke me up with one of those calls this morning. But the call didn't go according to whatever plan she may have had, resulting in a few choice words exchanged between the two of us.

Wrong move lady.

In the past, I was willing to be a mediator.

Today was my last day on the job.

I cannot sacrifice my own mental health worrying about something outside my control.

If my father decides he wants to live peacefully in what could be his last year (or even months) of life, I'm happy to help him relocate to my place for whatever time he has left.

If he decides to stay where he is, I'm prepared to send the authorities to check on him as I deem necessary.

I ask that all who read this join me in sending positive thoughts, affirmative prayer, and positive energy to the resolution of this situation.

Thank you in advance.


Saturday, January 23, 2016


So one of my daughter's best friends is snowed in with us.

The girls have been having fun eating, watching movies, and giggling all day.

But now that night has fallen, things have taken a more serious turn.

Apparently my daughter and her friend have degrees or extensive life experience in psychology or psychiatry.

Who knew?

I say this because I'm eavesdropping as they counsel a mutual friend (via Skype) on the faux pas he has committed in his love life.

And these teenage girls are laying down some heavy stuff, using three- and four-syllable words, as they lovingly but sternly (that would be Baby Bliss) attempt to help him better his average.

I'm impressed. And a tiny bit jealous.

No way did I know this sh*t at their age.

Even if I had known, I'm pretty sure I couldn't have articulated it in the way they are.

Watch out Dr. Phil.

Friday, January 22, 2016


The weather...

It's only a few degrees above freezing outside and we're awaiting a winter storm that will bring a little  snow and lots of icy rain our way.

According to my weather app, it's snowing already.

I'm watching television in the living room.

It feels like the world is poised silently on the edge of an abyss, watching for the imminent storm to come swirling up and out.

My thoughts: gratitude for having a warm place to sleep, food to eat, and emergency supplies if it comes to that.

I also hope anyone in need has been/will be able to get to a safe warm place and will be allowed to stay for the duration.

Where ever you're reading this, I hope you too are warm and safe.


Monday, January 18, 2016


Mercury retrograde brings the past back to life...

For me, it's always men from my past.

So far I've heard from two of them.

But nothing to see here folks.

We've moved past each other's orbits for a reason and I have no intention of synchronizing our gravitational pulls.

Okay, maybe for a lunch date or two. I am still single. But definitely not breakfast or dinner. Those meals are more... intimate somehow and should only be shared with those we truly cherish. (Or business associates if, despite one's best efforts, the lunch slot is unavailable.)

And by "date", I merely mean a time set aside to meet a person for a specified activity at a specified location that in no way includes anything remotely romantic.

A brief hug, possibly a peck on the cheek to say hello and good bye.

(Which is where the line might blur for some but I'll be sure to mark it precisely, with a black Sharpie and sprinkle it with gold glitter, so that everyone sees it.)

There will be no hand-holding, no fluttering eyelashes, no adult innuendo, no long languid staring into each others eyes.

I'll wear something flattering and perhaps put on heels. I'll do my face and wear a bit of fragrance.
Because one never knows who one might meet whilst traipsing the streets of midtown...


There may or may not be more to this tale.

How much longer is Mercury in retrograde?