Thursday, August 17, 2017


Howdy folks and Happy Thursday! 😊

I hope everyone reading is doing well.

I sure am. 😀

Despite the monotony of performing mundane chores like doing the laundry, vacuuming, and washing dishes, Wednesday was an intriguing day chez Bliss.

My down time was spent talking and texting with a man I dated briefly when I was in my late teens.

Let's call him the Astronaut.

Brief though our acquaintance was, I was absolutely besotted with the Astronaut. And so he has always had a home in my heart and my thoughts.

About 50 percent of our conversation was him expressing his awe at our virtual reunion. We also talked about a face-to-face reunion, to likely take place in a few weeks, when I go visit my dad.

Ole pack rat that I am, I knew I still had pictures of one never-forgotten weekend we spent together back in 1986. After I scanned in the photos, I uploaded them, then texted them to him.

Although I've seen the photos many times over the intervening years, it had been a long time since I'd last looked at them. Viewing them again brought back a bunch of sweet memories for me, bittersweet memories for him once he saw them.

His mom, who is now deceased, was alive when he and I dated. She was a kind and beautiful woman and I loved her from the moment I met her. He said she felt the same about me. She came to me in a dream as she was dying. Her warm smile and welcoming spirit are lodged in my heart forever.

Sadly, there were no photos of his mom from that weekend but we both know she was there and I think that made it sadder for him. He told me how much he missed her, told me how much she liked me and wanted him to marry me.


On a more upbeat note, the Astronaut told me I was his first love. He also said he stills loves me and has been looking for me for decades.

Not surprising because I've looked for him many times over the years too.

Shortly after we rang off the first time, he texted me to say his sister would be calling me. She did and we had a brief, pleasant conversation about her brother. During our chat, she said he'd told her "I found my wife".

Well then...

Long distance dating...

He and I currently live several hours from each other. He has a job and a part time job but he doesn't work on weekends. My schedule is as flexible as it can be so I have more time to go back and forth. But he did say he would fly down to see me as often as possible.

Folks, stay tuned for what ever is coming next. With my life being what it is, one never knows. 😉

A big "thank you" to Facebook for facilitating the re-connection. 👍

p.s. Today's date has been cancelled. 🔕

No, not because of the re-connect with my teen-age sweetheart.

One, I realized early Wednesday evening that I wasn't in the mood to make the extended drive to meet the guy. Two, I realized late Wednesday evening that I hadn't heard from the guy all day. Three, I might be heading for a weekend at the beach later today.

I sent dude a text cancelling the date. I texted well before midnight so while it was late notice, I don't consider it last-minute notice. Yes, calling him probably would have been better. But I'm pretty sure he'll be okay with it. He seems to be that kinda guy.

Time for bed.

G'night y'all.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Happy Tuesday folks.

I hope everyone is feeling swell today.

I'm good emotionally and psychologically. Physically I'm feeling a bit sluggish. But I'm trying to get it in gear so I can be ready for my early evening date.

Which will now be a late afternoon date, as I was given the option by my potential suitor.

We're also switching to Tex-Mex. Partly because I've had two dates there in the past two years (one of them was my first date with the Hunk) but mostly because I'm just not that a big fan of that restaurant or Cajun food.

For folks who like gumbo and such, it's probably somewhere to frequent. But I don't eat gumbo so once a year at that place is good enough for me.

Any way folks, Google maps is saying I need to leave home by 3:20 to arrive at my location on time. It's almost 2 p.m. and y'all know I'm a tidsoptimist of the best kind. Not because I like being late but because the clock is not my friend. 😁

Also because my life of leisure just lends itself more to a sashay...

If anyone is interested in learning how other tidsoptimists get along in the world, go here: The Tidsoptimist: 10 Confessions Of The Chronically Late.  😛

Of course we're not all the same but I can say numbers one (1) and two (2) definitely apply to me. Number four (4) describes me occasionally but not in an extreme way. (I don't have the apps on my phone and I don't sit at the laptop all day.)

Number eight (8) has been an occasional problem as well. Number nine (9) too...

Number 10 is an excuse I've used but on some occasions it has been true. Seriously.

I see that something really really really important has been left off the list. Maybe it only applies to me (or a small-ish percentage of us Tids): blogging.  😂

And I'm outta here!  👋


Update on upcoming dates:

- Tuesday evening: dinner at a local Cajun restaurant. 🍤 🍥 🍖🍴

- Thursday tea and... at a coffee shop many miles away.  🍰 🍵 🍪 🍩

That is all.

Monday, August 14, 2017


Happy Monday folks.

It's a warm sunny day in my neck of the woods.

There is lots to do today but I've been relaxing. Again.

For the past several hours I've been craving a succulent pork chop with mashed potatoes and a huge green salad.  😋

It's not likely I'll get that meal so I'm thinking about dinner at my favorite local Mexican restaurant.

Something I forgot to share with y'all the other day:

I dreamed I was in a shop trying on wedding dresses. I found one I liked and was allowed to take it home to try it on for my mom.

When I tried it on for my mom, I looked in the mirror and the dress had become a different dress. It was a shade of aqua green, covered in sequins of the same color, form-fitting, knee-length, with cap sleeves that stopped a few inches below the shoulders.


Green is on my list of least favorite colors however I don't mind a particular shade of that's more blue than green.

But it was supposed to be my wedding dress and it was white (off-white?) when I left the store with it and a totally different style.

Who wants to get married in green?  😮