Monday, April 17, 2017


Hello, hello, hello folks!

I hope all is kosher in your neck of the woods.

Today was a low-key day for me, and thankfully so.

I was wiped out, nodding off at strange intervals with fingers on the keyboard.

Maybe I didn't eat enough today. It is time for a grocery store run. 🍚🍏🍗🍋🍉🍳

My latest paramour and I exchanged lots of texts and shared several phone calls today.

I also talked and texted with two of my sisters, my momma, and Baby Bliss.

Currently, I'm wide awake and feeling like making a snail mail run.

I'm also talking to my momma, who is herself running the streets at this late hour.  😄

Now there's a Jimmy John's commercial on the telly. Makes me want a sub.  😩

Ummm, not tonight Satan!

Good night folks.

Sweet dreams...

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