Thursday, April 20, 2017


Good day folks.

It's evening here, after 8:30 p.m., and the skies are dark.  🌌🌖

I'm sitting at my desk listening to the audio I made this morning, of this morning's dream. Actually there were at least two dreams. I woke up and thought about doing the dream audio but in my half asleep state, I told myself I would remember later.

Then I rolled over and headed for another snooze.

Yes, when I awoke again, the previous dream was forgotten. I could only recall the one I had right before waking the second time. It was interesting but not very remarkable, as my dreams go.

I did record an audio for it so sorry folks, I'm not detailing it here.

On to my day's activities!

I was almost on time for my first calendar item.  😒

What made me late was being undecided on wardrobe at the last minute. I wanted to look appropriate for meeting with my client/collaborator yet slightly seductive for my date.

If I'm to toot my own horn, mission accomplished. 😜

And yes, I was late for my date too. Although it was taking place less than a five-minute drive from my first location, I was late because I left my first stop later than I intended.

Some of that time was spent sitting at one of the longest red lights I've ever encountered, literally half a minute from my destination.

My Paramour waited for me just inside the restaurant door, seated on a bench, looking simultaneously tired and sexy.  😉  Mmmmm...

On the off chance that anyone is oblivious, I'm really digging this dude.

As I consider myself a "listen to what he says but watch what he does" kinda gal, I try not to get blinded by pretty words. But today he said some things that gave me lots to smile about. Think about too. And I like that there was a lot of laughter.

He is not a guy who would stand out in a crowd because he's very low key, very laid back. His energy is tranquil but also very masculine. Not overly so, just enough to give me the hots for him. 😋

I like looking at him. He has hairy arms and he said... well never mind that but body hair on a man turns me on. His face is handsome in it's weariness and (somehow) its familiarity. His eyes are deep, his gaze unwavering and encouraging.

Listening to the sound of his voice... the rhythm, the tone, the cadence. Aural euphoria. I love how my name drips from his lips, slow and honey-coated.

One day he's gonna lull me to sleep in his arms as he whispers everything I ever wanted to hear.

Here's to wishing upon a star...

Good night folks.  💤💤💤

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