Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Good evening lovely people.

I hope everyone has been well since we last met here.

My day was mostly low key.  👌

Laundry, a bit of housework, a bit of business. Baby Bliss came home with leftovers and shared them with me while we watched the second half of Speed Racer. (We started watching yesterday but cinemas interruptus in the form of a phone call dragged me way from the screen.)

Yesterday and today, I finally used the audio recording feature on my cell phone to record my dreams. I e-mailed the files to myself when I was done.

Yesterday I barely remembered one dream. Today I recalled six separate dreams. Astonishing.

This morning's dreams were really interesting. One involved a neighbor I grew up with, a strange (meaning I didn't know her) little girl, and lots of shoes.  😄

Another involved a former co-worker, a road with an almost-vertical drop, and a serious mishap involving the co-worker.  😓

The others I don't quite remember which is why I'm glad I made the audio recordings.

I wonder what dreams I'll have to record tomorrow morning.

Speaking of Thursday, it promises to be a busy day for me.

I'm scheduled to be in the big city for quite a while, meeting a client/collaborator in the afternoon and likely dinner with the Paramour in the early evening.  👍

I'm down to less than half a tank of gas so I'll need to refuel before heading south.

As it's almost midnight, I shall be turning in soon. Thinking about tomorrow is making me tired. 😁😫

Ciao folks! 

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