Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Sunday evening's date: the last time I'll go out with that dude. 😬

I won't go into full detail but he was less than pleasant to the wait staff and somehow upset by my small gesture of assistance to same. 😮

Also, our conversation during the evening gave me the feeling that he harbors ill feelings toward his ex-wife.

From his account, his divorce was nasty. He said he was totally blindsided by it and it seemed to cost him a considerable loss of assets. So yes, I can understand that he might be angry.

I'm not saying that was the reason for his behavior. It was probably something I have no clue about (and don't care to know).

Did the color of my dress get his dander up? The length of my toenails? Should my mascara have lengthened and defined instead of plumped and volumized? 😝

My good people, it's likely we'll never know.

Perhaps the world will get lucky and he will work it all out with a therapist in enough time to be truly "easygoing" and "laid back" (as his online profile says) for the next woman he takes out.

After I returned home Sunday evening and had time to process it all, I realized I'd overlooked a red flag on Friday evening's date. Exactly what it was eludes me at the moment but it's hovering in the periphery of my thoughts and I'll remember eventually.

No worries that I'll hear from him again. 🤗

Although we had planned a movie date for Tuesday evening (tonight), we only exchanged one text during the whole of Monday, to say good morning and wish each other a pleasant day.

I think that's great note to sign off on, don't you?

Dude, God speed. 🙋🏾

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