Friday, May 30, 2008

361: family ties

hey y'all.

i've been doing some research into the twisting gnarly branches of our family tree. it's part of a project i started some years ago for baby bliss. i figured she would appreciate having as much information as possible about our family members.

two months ago i sent away for a copy of the social security application of a man with the same name as one of my great-grandfathers. before i paid my monies for this particular item, i checked and double checked my information with my grandma.

so the information came the other day. and wouldn't y'all know that grandma is saying all the information on the form is wrong. that means i might have to pay more money to get information on the other man who has the same name as my great-grandfather.

some of the information seems to match but my mother swears the birth date would make him too old to be grandma's father.

we'll be going to a family reunion soon. it's for my mother's father's side but my mother's mother's side is from the same area. there is also an 90-something-year-old family member back home who knows a lot more information than any of us can ever hope to find by scrounging.

to be continued...


Susan said...

Hey! Tell me about ordering SS records. I do a lot of genealogy, and I am SO stuck on Greg's side of the family. Would getting his grandfather's record get me more information on his great-grandparents?

bliss said...

Hey there Susan. Yes, SS records can help get info about Greg's great-grandparents but it depends on when his grandfather was born or applied for his card. I think the records only go back to 1910. The website to check is Good luck! :-)