Thursday, May 15, 2008

358: this week in movies

hey y'all.

we've been watching movies this week too.

1. Shut Up and Sing - the Dixie Chicks and folks who work to produce their concerts

a documentary of how the Dixie Chicks fared during the fallout behind Natalie's anti-Bush statement.

baby bliss and i both loved this one. Natalie, you rock!

2. Cold Creek Manor - Sharon Stone, Dennis Quaid

a sinister but forgettable scary drama about a New York family that buys a foreclosed home in the country, not knowing that the former owner has a deadly secret.

i say forgettable because the movie was similar to others in the same genre. it was interesting though.

3. Miss Potter - Renee Zelwegger

story of the life of the woman who wrote of the "Beatrix Potter" books.

i think it was good but need to watch it again. we were very busy today and i was multi-tasking while watching.

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