Monday, May 12, 2008

354: happy birthday baby bliss!

hey y'all.

the party was a resounding success!

everyone had a great time including baby bliss who said it was her best birthday party ever. for several reasons, mommie agrees.

but one very important reason i say this was the best party: a very nice lady took a photo of me and baby bliss at the party. her dad and i are usually the only two at her parties who take pictures. between duties (greeting guests, refreshing plates/cups/bowls, checking the toilet paper, etc.) i'm always snapping away and never being photographed.

here's the photo:


Aly Cat 121 said...

Girl you know I don't see NO photo, okay. I'm glad Baby Bliss had a WONDERFUL party. It's such a rewarding feeling when our little ones are all excited about a gathering only for them and in their honor.

Happy Birthday Baby Bliss! *hugs*

bliss said...

um, yeah Aly.

see, what had happened was i had the picture up and then i took it down. i have two that are almost the same and i was trying to see which one i looked cuter in. then i forgot to put it back up.


but it's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Susan said...

A picture! A picture! I've seen Baby Bliss before, but not Mama Bliss! What a beautiful mama and baby!

Okay, so she's not a baby anymore... especially with another big birthday! But I guess they'll always be our "babies", right?

bliss said...

awwww, thanks Susan. :-)

yep, she'll be my baby when she's 80. (if i live to see 110! LOL)