Thursday, May 1, 2008

345: sci-fi dreams

in the wee hours, i had ... an interesting dream.

it was a mixture of sci-fi/harry potter/drama/romance.

thank goodness i can't remember all the details because i felt weirded out pretty bad when i woke up.

my dream sweetie and i (probably not mr. bliss; maybe it was Obama? LOL) were trapped underground, in a cement-lined facility used for storing gigantic plastic vats.

i don't know what was in the vats but they were being monitored by some unknown agency. we weren't supposed to be there so i gather there was something Top Secret going on.

he and i narrowly escaped being killed as we made our way out of the storage place. bullets flew, doors slammed, and voices yelled in alien tones as we beat our feet towards safety.

we emerged into a familiar-but-strange location but got separated.

i spent the rest of the dream trying to find my way back to my sweetie while dodging the death dealers sent to take my life. some of them were human-seemings and others were obviously robotic and/or animalian.

i had several close calls and narrow escapes through windows, bubble elevators, and even on brooms.

in one "segment" i was in high school (not sure if i was supposed to be a student or what). i'm sure i was supposed to meet my dream sweetie there because it was one of the many times i kept dream-asking myself why we didn't have cell phones or have a pre-arranged location to meet at, in case of separation.

i was in a hallway full of lockers, walking toward the student who was supposed to get me safely out of the building. suddenly the floor split and widened between us and there was dark water swirling about. just as i was about to jump across, i saw the sharks. the wider the gap got, the more sharks appeared.

that was when i woke up.


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