Friday, May 30, 2008

360: coming up for air

hey y'all.

what's been shaking round these parts?

i have been swimming in the murky waters of real life for the past few weeks. so much so that i've been sinking to the bottom of the pool every night, unable to rise to the surface long enough to write a word of personal detail.

baby bliss is done with school now so that's a relief. she's now free to "play Barbies" until her fingers are numb.

but mother nature, she do abhor a vacuum. my school-day time slot has been filled already. barbarians at the gate and all.

well y'all, today is friday and i still have errands to run. my to-do list looks like this:

  1. bank - deposit.
  2. post office - mail birthday cards to G____. don't forget to check the PO box!
  3. Goodwill - browse for dresses, bottoms, fabric for me.
  4. library - return and pick up.
  5. Trader Joe's - almonds, eggs, sweet potatoes, veggie sausage patties, black beans, tortilla wrappers, cheese, strawberries, grapes, Luna bars, samosas, chicken chili, crackers, pizza (tonight's dinner), salad dressing, carrots, 1 cucumber, lemons, frozen fruit, tuna. don't forget to take your bags in!
  6. i need to alter some items baby bliss can't wear (until i alter them!).
  7. still need to send some b'day party photos to individuals (R___, F___)
  8. crochet more cotton earrings, order ear wires.
  9. start lists for impending trip home for family reunion.
  10. start lists for our soon-to-be-upcoming vacation.
  11. file the papers on my office floor.
  12. fix #1 auntie's earrings and return to her ASAP.
  13. post video of ducks in the pool on the blog.
  14. finish altering a pair of pants i turned into a skirt (by adding inserts to the Vs created when i took the middle seams out; i'll be doing at least 2 more pair of pants after i see how this item turns out. the pants had gotten a bit tight in the cabooty but fit quite nice and comfy once transformed into a skirt.)
  15. continue crocheting the belt i started for my cousin's sister-in-law.

obviously a lot of this won't get done today. what else is new, right?

i'm outta here folks.

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