Tuesday, May 6, 2008

348: a day with no to-do list

hey y'all.

i did a bad, bad thing the other night: another all-nighter.

but this time it wasn't by choice.

baby bliss talked in her sleep most of the night and was just all around restless. because madame cleo is my cousin and our family tree has psychics swinging from every other branch, i already knew it would happen.

so lest i wake mr. bliss while wearing out the carpet along the path from our bedroom to her's, baby bliss and i camped in the living room.

i was the night duty nurse until day light, when she fell into a deep, restful slumber. i had hour upon hour of giving her water, tending to her eyes, and making sure she took her meds.

my own shut-eye was about 4 hours worth of ZZZZZZZs.

mr. bliss woke me up just as i'd asked him to and he stayed in with baby bliss while i ran household errands.

i was tired and i usually do my errands at the end of the week which is how i think i went out without me to-do list.

it took me two hours to make a big lasso around the neighborhood. mr. bliss was almost late for work by the time i got back but he had to wait because i needed him to help me carry food upstairs and i had just bought his lunch fixings from the store.

i admit it was weird being out sans to-do list. and as often as i've done it before, i won't do it again if i can help it. the decibels have been turned up to max volume around here and choruses of "get 'er done!" are ringing in my head even in my sleep.

party day is fast approaching and i haven't updated my party lists. more importantly, my momma 'nem will be here thursday and i haven't moved enough paper in my office to stick up a bat's behind. (as one of my oldest and dearest sister friends would say.)

that means i'll be hip-hopping double time very soon.

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Aly Cat 121 said...

Girl, you stressin me, sh*t. LOL