Friday, May 9, 2008

351: the arrival and departure.

hey y'all.

they came and they went.

i'm still at grandma's.

the six (6) of us (me, my momma, aunties numbers 1 and 3, my grandma, and my step dad) are watching judge mathis

the sliding glass door is open and a cool breeze is slidin' between the screen holes. niiiiiice cuz today was warm enough.

i'm blogging (what else?); grandma is chilling in a deck chair (that she brought inside and put beside the couch); my momma is making a huge salad (she's a veggie-ma-tar-ri-mum); #1 auntie has disappeared to look at the new do i stirred up in her locs; #3 auntie is finishing up a business call (she's a real estate maven); and step dad is quiet (for a change) and intently watching the judge.

i'm about to get some crocheting done, now that i have some free time. i need to make some straps for baby bliss's party dress. :-)

ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. peace in the land of bliss.


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