Friday, May 9, 2008

349: my momma 'nem

hey y'all.

the folks got here yesterday around 5.

ole lead foot lucy (my momma) must have been flying on a golden carpet all the way down the road.

it's a 6 hour drive without stopping and she made it down here on the minute. she left home after 10 a.m. and was ringing my phone at 10 minutes to 5, talking bout "i'm at your door."

the 4 of them (my momma, step dad, aunt, and cousin) came in and had a sit down. my cousin is baby bliss's age so they are both bunking at our place. my momma and the rest are staying at grandma's.

we all came over here later and that's when the trouble started.

we don't wear street shoes in our homes. not at my house, grandma's house, or my momma's house either.

my step dad has dementia so his routine has to be pretty consistent in order for my mom to be able to manage him. he's not totally out of it though. sometimes he's really funny and sometimes a bit annoying. (but not annoying to us, just my mom. she doesn't have a lot of patience.)

so any way, we get to grandma's, take off our shoes in the garage, and come in. (i'm at grandma's now.)

my grandma told my step dad to put on a pair of house slippers and my momma had a conniption:

LL (leadfoot lucy): momma, no! he doesn't need house slippers!
G (grandma): yes he does! he can't walk on the bare floor with no slippers. it's too cold.

(it was 82 degrees yesterday).

a loud discussion ensued and i escaped to the deck. baby bliss, cousin and auntie followed.

we all stayed out long enough to let hurricane lucy die down and blow off into the nether regions of the house. the young ladies decided they were ready to go back to my house to make their dinner (we bought a make-your-own pizza).

LL walked us to the car, hiss-whispering in my ear that her mother was already up to her tactics, and that my step dad was her husband, not her mother's. and how she was gonna end up leaving him here at grandma's while she came to stay at my place.

alrightie now.

it was funny up until she said she was coming to stay at my place.

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