Tuesday, January 21, 2014

346: i gotta get outta here!

we are running wayyyyyyyyyyyy behind on our to-do list today.

today's list:

  1. rinse baby bliss with the neti pot. (it really did help yesterday.)
  2. continue end-of-year review items with baby bliss.
  3. library: return and pick up.
  4. bank: deposit.
  5. post office: mail documents to daddy, birthday pkg to baby bliss's friend back home; check my p.o. box.
  6. Trader Joe's: honey, lemons, samosas, bananas, strawberries, veggie sausage, frozen fruit, tuna, maple syrup
  7. order baby bliss's end-of-grade tests.
  8. complete last month's invoice; e-mail to client.
  9. print and revise lists for baby bliss's upcoming b'day party.
  10. start lists for impending trip home for family reunion.
  11. start lists for our soon-to-be-upcoming vacation.

i'll get to it later this week (still on my list from days/weeks/months ago):

  1. need to pay #1 auntie for location rental.
  2. post video of ducks in the pool on the blog.
  3. finish G___'s scarf; mail to her.
  4. file the papers on my office floor.
  5. fix #1 auntie's earrings and return to her ASAP.
  6. finish altering the pants-turned-skirt
  7. continue crocheting the belt i started for my cousin's sister-in-law.
  8. move unpacked boxes to my office (the clock is ticking on the kin folk swarm, party/mother's day weekend).
  9. find/order/buy a replacement charger for mr. bliss's cordless drill so he can put a curtain rod over the living room window. (before the swarming!)

1 comment:

Susan said...

Wish we had a trader joes. Bummer. Where you going on vacay?