Sunday, May 4, 2008

347: the smell of beauty

hey y'all.

saturday i was more than a little tired. allergies have kicked baby bliss and i around this season and i've been coughing a lot. that in addition to my itching ears and sore throat. i used to have bad allergies before baby bliss was born (ears/nose/throat itching, nose and eyes running all over the place).

the worst of it was the 2 or 3 day i had a cutting feeling in one side of my throat. even with that it's been manageable for me because i've had practice.

but poor Baby Bliss hasn't experienced anything like this. and now, on top of the problems she's been having, she has pink eye.

on the way home from church last sunday, baby bliss said, "mommy, ____ said she thinks she has pink eye but she wasn't sure because she has allergies too."

the child in mention has had allergies since we've known her. but i'd never seen her eyes red, as i noticed they were on sunday.

what i'm wondering is why the child thought she had pink eye. did she hear her momma say those words? and if not, did she say those words to her momma? before they left for church? i'm really wondering.

cuz now that i know baby bliss has it, we're staying home. no way would i send her to junior church knowing she has a highly contagious infection. i think it's distasteful, to say the least.

most of my day (after i was awakened from a much-needed slumber) was spent sanitizing the place. which was a bit of a bummer cuz i was planning to sort out my office and tackle some other things from friday's to-do list.

when it got full dark, the 3 of us took a walk to the mailbox. as we turned onto the main road, the smell of honeysuckle wafted up the hill.

it brought back memories of home, where for as long as i could remember, there was a honeysuckle spread growing along the fence of the house across the alley from my grandma.

there was also a wild spray of honeysuckle growing along one of the fences in the side yard of the house we sold before we relocated.

i've smelled it here before but it was so unexpected and such a nice surprise at the end of a day that had worn me out.

thanks God.


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