Wednesday, May 14, 2008

355: her bling bling ring

hey y'all.

baby bliss and i saw mariah carey on ellen. of course the chile was full of smiles and what not on account of her recent nuptials with nick cannon.

i won't say what baby bliss said about mizz mariah except to say it was of the "if you can't say anything nice" variety.

and she missed the tight shot of mizz mariah's bling bling ring. baby bliss had left the room and tho i screamed and yelled for her to come back (she loves the color pink), she did not.

having heard all over the media about the cost of said ring, baby bliss had a very pointed question for me upon her return.

she said, "so was it a well-spent $3 million mommy?" i laughed and said she would have to see it and judge for herself.

and i thought hmmm... i bet mariah will be asking herself that question one of these days.


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