Wednesday, May 14, 2008

356: no rest for the weary

hey y'all.

it was a long weekend and i need more recovery time! two days is not enough.

but it's time to get back to my to-do list. i tried to do some stuff yesterday but both baby bliss and i were moving in slo-mo so we stayed in and worked on low-key things.

which means i have a full platter for the rest of the day and not much time left before i turn into mama pumpkin head.

with no further ado, here is the to-do for the remainder of today.

  1. bank #1 - get $$ for baby bliss. (#1 auntie gave me $$ to give to baby bliss and wouldn't you know i put it in the basket at church sunday.)
  2. bank #2 - baby bliss needs to deposit birthday funds.
  3. library - return and pick up.
  4. walmart - return a few items baby bliss got with birthday gift card. (why in the world does clear lip gloss need red dye #s 40 and #33, violet #2, blue #1, and yellow #5? rolling my eyes at the picture of mr. bliss on the shelf.)
  5. grocery store - get sale items. there's a good 10 for $10 sale at bloom and some of it is stuff we actually eat. yay!
  6. avoid going to grandma's for leftover potato salad (from the party. i follow the 3-day rule with food but grandma is down home old school: if it looks good and smells good, eat it! we love you grandma but no thanks.)
  7. baby bliss and i need to do thank you cards/notes to party guests.
  8. i need to alter some items baby bliss can't wear (until i alter them!).
  9. remember to put photos on photobucket (or similar that allows videos too; the pics don't look so good on yuck!)
  10. send some photos to individuals
  11. do 2nd request for gift receipts from some folk. (after i told people not to bring gifts!)
  12. start crocheting cotton earrings. i'm gonna sell on this summer. (g'bye neopets!)


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