Friday, May 30, 2008

362: altered states

hey y'all.

i'm working on one of my many sewing projects.

this latest will be the easiest if i get 'er done.

over the past few days i've been surfing the web for economically priced sarongs. i like sarongs because they're easy to wear and can be dressed up or down with the proper accessories.

also the older i get, the more i like simple clothing. things that are easy to put on and take off, don't need to be ironed, don't need any special cleaning processes...

i found a website called Turtle Island Imports has beautiful sarongs. lovely designs and colors, larger sizes than the other sarong sites, and the best prices too. they also have free shipping on all orders of at least $50.

after spending several days dreaming of myself strolling on various white sand beaches wearing my favorite sarongs, i realized i'd better not spend that money before i earn it.

yes we do have a vacation coming up but there are still bills to pay, breakfasts/lunches/dinners to eat, gas to buy.

so *sigh* i talked myself out of buying them. besides, i couldn't tell from the pictures or descriptions if the fabric was soft like my favorite sarongs or a little stiff like my other sarongs. if the fabric wasn't what i wanted, i'd have to send it all back on my own dime.

my compromise was to go to Goodwill. i really needed to find some vacation clothes for baby bliss but she didn't want to go. it's my own fault because i get stuck for hours in Goodwill.

(oh wow. i didn't realize there was a Memorial Day concert at the Mall. it's coming on now, on our local public access station. does that mean i've stayed up too late?? time to change the channel!)

i was in Goodwill for 2 hours, maybe 2 1/2. i left with 2 skirts and a dress for me, 1 skirt for baby bliss, 1 skirt for #1 auntie, 3 books for baby bliss and several books for me. with my 10% off coupon, i spent $15.

one of the skirts i got was a winter skirt. normally i don't buy off season from Goodwill. but this skirt was exceptionally well made, it still had its store tag on it, and i have a sweater that matches it perfectly.

the other skirt was miles too big in the waist but i got it any way. it's a graphic beach-at-sunset print that will make a nice sarong. so i took the waistband off. there was more than enough fabric to wrap around me but the length was a leeeetle bit too short. now i'm fiddling with the elastic in the waistband (thank God i didn't toss it) to get some extra fabric.

earlier today i started making a crocheted ring that i will use to add interesting detail to a dress strap. i have no idea how it will look but i'm optimistic about it turning out well.

one of my favorite summer dresses is losing its straps. it's a gauze dress and the straps are adjustable. i guess the friction of adjusting the straps so often is now a problem. so i'm gonna crochet new straps. eventually.


Aly Cat 121 said...

There's a nice looking GoodWill store not to far from us. I love that store. You can actually get some good deals, especially if you know when the "new" stuff comes in.

I'm checking out that website right now. I need some "flattering" clothing.

bliss said...

Flattering clothing...

You go girl. I need some "flattening" clothing. Or some liposuction. LOL