Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Perhaps I should have started post 613 by saying "Happy new year", since it was my first post of 2016.

Je regrette.

Happy new year everyone!

My New Year's Eve celebration was low key. I spent the evening with a friend, starting with dinner at his place. We relaxed after with conversation and a few movies. By the time the ball dropped, he was snoring in his bed and I was in his living room on the sofa, giving thanks for the year that had passed and the one just starting.

Low key and gratifying.

Back at the ranch, Baby Bliss hosted a party for a few friends. It's the first party she's ever hosted as an adult, something that made her nervous in the days preceding the event.

I returned home to the remnants and BB's joy at its success.

Speaking of holidays, I have yet to put our Christmas tree away. The tree is tiny, maybe 25 inches tall. There might be 15 little shiny balls on it, possibly 10 crocheted icicles, a short string of lights. This year we added a few candy canes and a miniature angel to top it.

It might take 30 minutes to put away the decorations, disassemble the tree and pack it away. I think the tree remains intact and sparkly because I enjoy looking at it.

Que sera, sera...

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