Monday, January 18, 2016


Mercury retrograde brings the past back to life...

For me, it's always men from my past.

So far I've heard from two of them.

But nothing to see here folks.

We've moved past each other's orbits for a reason and I have no intention of synchronizing our gravitational pulls.

Okay, maybe for a lunch date or two. I am still single. But definitely not breakfast or dinner. Those meals are more... intimate somehow and should only be shared with those we truly cherish. (Or business associates if, despite one's best efforts, the lunch slot is unavailable.)

And by "date", I merely mean a time set aside to meet a person for a specified activity at a specified location that in no way includes anything remotely romantic.

A brief hug, possibly a peck on the cheek to say hello and good bye.

(Which is where the line might blur for some but I'll be sure to mark it precisely, with a black Sharpie and sprinkle it with gold glitter, so that everyone sees it.)

There will be no hand-holding, no fluttering eyelashes, no adult innuendo, no long languid staring into each others eyes.

I'll wear something flattering and perhaps put on heels. I'll do my face and wear a bit of fragrance.
Because one never knows who one might meet whilst traipsing the streets of midtown...


There may or may not be more to this tale.

How much longer is Mercury in retrograde?


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