Sunday, January 17, 2016


The weather was beautiful for my date.

We spent an hour at lunch, sitting close enough to a window for me to enjoy the sunshine. After, we drove to a nearby mall and walked a few laps to work off the carbs.

In addition to the requisite hello and goodbye hugs, we shared good conversation, lots of smiles and laughter, held hands when we got a bit more comfortable with each other...

Side note:  We didn't interlock fingers, something I'd previously never noticed one way or the other when holding hands with a potential suitor.

I thought about it again once I got home, which led to a bit of research on what the connotation might be. I found this: What Different Types of Hand-holding Can Reveal About Your Relationship.

So back to the main topic...

When we decided we'd had enough of the mall (and perhaps each other) for one day, he "led" me to my car. (His word.)

But we weren't done just yet. We spent another 20 or so minutes in the parking lot, talking, laughing, checking out and speculating about a beautiful car that caught his eye, expressing our pleasure at the time we'd spent together.

He also did me a big favor. It was something I'd been meaning to do for myself, hadn't gotten around to, and it could have gotten me in a bit of hot water with law enforcement had one of them noticed.

Angels descend when I need them and yesterday he was my angel. To say I am thankful is a serious understatement.

When we finally said goodbye, in addition to the hug, I kissed him. On the lips but nothing seductive or wanton. Mostly as a "thank you" for the favor but also because I liked his energy.

Usually I'm the one getting kissed at the end of the date...

Over an hour later, I called him to let him know I arrived home safely (as he requested). We chatted a few minutes then rang off.

He called me later in the evening and we talked a bit more.

He also called me this morning.

We have a lot in common and I believe I may have found a new friend.

Perhaps more.

Time will tell...


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