Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Hello folks.

Seems too many good times have been rolling my way in the past month or so and now it's catching up with me. Thankfully, I'm able to make my own schedule and am therefore able to rest when necessary, which I've been doing.


My next goal is to get more relaxation, of the sunshine-y beach kind.

Baby Bliss and I didn't have what I consider a real vacation last year. There just didn't seem to be a good time for it.

This year, it has to be a priority.

I've been researching all-inclusives in Aruba. One concern I have is that she likes to sleep until noon on vacation and I like to hit the sand as soon as the sun wakes up. Not necessarily a deal-breaker but I don't understand why anyone should vacation at the beach on a beautiful island and then sleep half the day away.

Especially on my dime.

There's also the issue of no cell coverage for us in Aruba. Baby Bliss's issue, not mine. She's at the stage where her access to social media is all important.


There's a possibility I will be going to Aruba without my child.

Switching gears, if any among you are eligible to open an account at Navy Federal Credit Union, they have a few promotions right now that might benefit you.

Google their website and check out what they're offering.

More later...

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