Saturday, January 23, 2016


So one of my daughter's best friends is snowed in with us.

The girls have been having fun eating, watching movies, and giggling all day.

But now that night has fallen, things have taken a more serious turn.

Apparently my daughter and her friend have degrees in psychology, psychiatry, or extensive life experience in the topic of the hour.

(Who knew?)

I say this because I'm eavesdropping as they counsel a mutual friend (via Skype) on the faux pas he has committed in his love life.

And these teenage girls are laying down some heavy stuff, using three- and four-syllable words, as they lovingly but sternly (that would be Baby Bliss) attempt to help him better his average.

I'm impressed. And a tiny bit jealous.

No way did I know this stuff at their age.

Even if I had known, I'm pretty sure I couldn't have articulated it in the way they're doing it.

Watch out Dr. Phil.

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