Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Happy Wednesday everyone!

May all you love and cherish bring you joy and happiness for the duration!

In mundane news on my end:

That pesky sewing kit made its way into my awareness again.

Every other week or so I check Aldi's website, to see if any of my favorites (almond butter, organic fruit) are on sale.

Aldi also sells household items, a few toiletries, etc.

When I checked yesterday evening, there was a sewing kit in the specialty items being sold in that week's stash. (Their household merchandise rotates every week, beginning on Wednesday.)

Third time's the charm, right?

On a similar topic, last night's dream featured butter. I was helping a friend clean out her freezer so we could have room for more food (I was visiting for a few days). She didn't realize there was stuff hidden in the back of the freezer, under the freezer tray.

There were several small tubs of butter in the freezer. Some had to be tossed out because the tubs were open. At least one of the tubs had a few bugs crawling in it. (Yuck!)

Of course I checked my dream book soon after I awoke.

Butter:  A fortunate dream no matter what form it took. Even rancid butter signifies a secure future.

Bugs:  There is a warning in this dream against unfortunate influences around you, unless you succeeded in driving the bugs off or getting rid of them in some way, in which case it is a dream of contrary and signifies imminent money luck. See also Insects.

Well... The "secure future" remains to be seen, yes?

As for "imminent money luck", I'll keep y'all posted.

* * *

Today I ran a few errands after I dropped Baby Bliss at work.

At my favorite local thrift store, I found two sets of lovely pillow cases and a high thread count sheet for my bed. 

I also bought three books I hope to read in this lifetime: Jesus' Jewishness, The Universe in Miniature in Miniature, and The Way of the Pipe.

I really really really need to get back to reading from my own library so I can donate the books I don't want to keep. My bookcases are gasping for air.

With all my texting and reading online, I usually read printed books when I'm on the toilet or at the park. There was a time I carried paperbacks in my purse to pull out when caught in a long line at the store. These days I'm pulling out my phone to play my favorite game or check text messages.

This here technology sure does change a girl.

Any way, it's well past lunch time and I haven't had breakfast.

Time for some vittles!

Ciao folks!

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