Friday, June 20, 2008

374: life in the E.R.

hey y'all.

i dunno why i can't seem to avoid popping into the emergency room every six months or so.

my most recent visit was the wee hours of this very morning.

in a freaky accident brought about by the search for my cell phone, i stabbed myself in the hand with one of the tiny steel crochet hooks i use to crochet jewelry (and other stuff).

baby bliss began to cry and immediately jumped up to tell mr. bliss. (who had just gone to bed because he's on night shift this week.)

i poured on some eucalyptus oil (so i wouldn't get infected) and tried to pull the hook out. it was stuck on something (a vein? an artery?) and hurt like hell so i stopped pulling.

it had also begun to hurt and i realized it hadn't hurt going in. i heard it more so than felt it. weird huh?

baby bliss cried the whole 10-minute drive to the hospital.

i guess i was the first crochet hook impalee that the pair in admittance had ever seen. they made faces and oohed and aaahed at my predicament. one of them got me a wheelchair and i thought he was overdoing it a bit.

when i began to feel sick to my stomach from the waves of pain that came and went, i looked over at him and there was a halo around his head.

we didn't have to wait long before i was seen. i was in the back in less than 10 minutes and i'd say the whole thing -- from numbing to hook removal to tetanus shot -- took about an hour. thank God the hook didn't go all the way through my hand.

we went to mc donald's after. (it was the only thing open at 2 a.m.)

what a way to ring in my birthday.



Susan said...

Oh no! Reading your post just makes ME hurt! I'm sorry you had such an event for your birthday.

Happy (?) Birthday!

Clifton said...

I thought I was the only person who had random self injuries like this. Almost every scar I have was done by me....I hope all is well

bliss said...

Hey there Susan. Thanks for the birthday greeting. :-)

I'll do a post on what's been going on since my hook-in-hand incident. (That's what Baby Bliss is calling it. LOL)

bliss said...

Cliff, thanks for dropping by and for checking on me brotha. I'm doing very well at the moment.

It only hurts if I press too hard. LOL

Howling Hill said...

Never, ever remove an impaled object except to do CPR. Removing the object generally causes more damage than the insertion of it. Just a tidbit of info for the future.

Glad to hear your fine, though.