Saturday, August 12, 2017


Good, good, good evening everyone. 👋👋👋

It's been an interesting day chez Bliss. Mostly relaxing and quiet but there was a bit of excitement.

Several hours of my day were spent talking to a few guys I met on one of the online dating sites where I have a profile.

The conversations were... interesting. Maybe I should no longer be amazed at the (relative) immaturity of men in the 50-and-over demographic but I am.

Don't misunderstand me folks. There is nothing wrong with being youthful. Childish, on the other hand, is a total turn off. 👎 Sadly, the two are often mistaken for being interchangeable. 😞

In other news, I received a strange phone call from one of my ex-husbands today. He said he was in town for an event.


I thought he was gonna say he wanted to hang out or meet for dinner.

He didn't so I asked him if he wanted to meet. He said he wouldn't be able to. I asked him several questions about his visit and his answers were odd, cryptic. Like he couldn't say what he wanted to say. Weird because he called me.

Then he said he would see me next time he came to town, I agreed, and we rang off.

Unsettling. 😕

About an hour ago I texted him to ask if he's okay. No response. Nothing for me to do at this point except say a prayer for his safety and make a note to call him one day next week.

Stay tuned...

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