Saturday, August 12, 2017


Happy Saturday folks.

It's a dreary day chez Bliss.

Inside, my home looks like a small tornado touched down and the clean up has yet to begin. Outside, the skies are white, white, white. It rained earlier and the cloud cover remains intact.

No worries because although I've been thinking about making a plantain chips run, I probably won't go out today.

I stayed in last night because I was tired. The guy who asked me to hang out texted me a shirtless photos a few hours after I told him I wasn't coming out. Funny and enticing but if you've seen one pic of sexy super-tight chocolate abs, you've seen 'em all, yes? 😯😬😜

If he'd sent me a picture of chicken nachos or lemon pepper wings, I might have been able to energize myself enough to meet him for dinner. 😁

I'm feeling sluggish right now. Probably too much glucose in my system because I ate a peach for breakfast. Should have eaten almonds with it.

Nothing much on the telly except cooking shows and cartoons. I do enjoy some of the cooking shows but they make me hungry.

Oooohhh look! The skies have turned blue and the sun is now gracing our day.  🌞


It's likely I'm still not going out but I'm gonna open my front door to let more light in. Not too wide though because I'll probably doze off at some point. I really am tired.

I'm also hungry but don't feel like cooking. 😫😪😩

Woe is me!

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