Monday, March 27, 2017


Hello, hello, hello everyone!

It's an overcast, threatening-to-rain kinda day here is my neighborhood. The sun peeked out a few times but the cloud cover has thickened so it's a struggle.

I'll say there are moments of intense brightness.

Right now it's still cool in here. I have the ceiling fans going in every room and it feels good. Almost too cool but not quite.

The forecast is for 76 degrees and the humidity is on the high end -- 69 percent.

I'm hoping it doesn't start to feel like high humidity because I don't like high humidity. I prefer drier, which is why I miss living in the desert.

Although I still have a whole lot of filing to finish, I'm taking a break to watch Women's List: American Masters.

It's enlightening and empowering. Of course it's also bringing the tears. These women are phenomenal. There's a pilot, a comedian, an actor, a scientist, a fashion designer, a former secretary of state...

Check it out y'all.

So I had a date yesterday. More like a meet-and-greet. We went walking and talking. Good conversation and a good walk.

Nice enough guy. Our political and spiritual philosophies align. Our daily schedules, not so much. Although his schedule is flexible like mine, he's an early bird and I'm definitely a night owl.

Que sera, sera...

In other news, Baby Bliss is coming home between shifts. We're going to run some errands which will hopefully include lunch. It depends on what time her first shift ends.

My vote is for "soon". It's afternoon and I'm hungry.

Later folks!

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