Thursday, March 30, 2017


Oh my goodness y'all!

I just saw Detective Ed Green take one to the chest on Law & Order's Tombstone episode.

It was so shocking (but not totally unexpected) that I let out an expletive and screamed. I literally had to put my hand over my mouth because my windows are open.

Yes, it was a repeat but an episode I'd never seen before.

I was so freaked that I had to do some research because I thought he was gonna die and my heart couldn't take it.

Thankfully (even though the series ended years ago), I learned that the actor (Jesse L. Martin) just needed some time off to do something else.

Why did they scare me like that?  😩

It's bad enough Lenny Briscoe retired recently. Now this. 😞

Oh well... It's the next episode and Fontana already has a new partner.

So on to real life events.  😁

I had a really good day today and I'm thankful. 🎉🎉🎉

The one smelly was not being able to remember my dreams when I woke up but que sera, sera y'all.

After I awoke and collected myself sufficiently enough, I hit the streets.

My first stop was TJMaxx, to return one of the items I bought last week. Next was Dollar Tree, to find seatbelt covers (none) and metal file holders (because there was a video on Facebook... but none were found).

WalMart was third on my list. I wanted Meyer lemons, which were there but they were all covered in a weird white residue and every bag had at least one lemon that was too soft.  😞

No worries. I bought two regular lemons, a pair of black Capri pants, kale, four bottles of my favorite Kevita flavor, two eight-quart bags of potting mix, one window planter, oranges, bananas, one sweet potato.

Grrr! I forgot eggs.  😭  No deviled eggs until I buy a dozen.

Big Lots was also on my list for returns.

My final stop was Aldi.

Yes, I was there last week. Today I bought stuff I didn't get last week: salsa, blue corn chips, tuna (pole-fished skipjack), and probably something else I don't recall at the moment.

Everything fit in one bag today.

I hightailed it home on the rush hour-packed highway (just a few exits) so Baby Bliss could help me unload the car before she headed back to work for her second shift.

And now, there's Dating News.

As in, I have a date Thursday afternoon at 1 p.m. It's the same guy from Sunday. We've talked and texted many times since then and today (Wednesday, so actually it was yesterday in this time zone) he invited me to lunch.


So I'm off to bed because I don't want to be late and I'm sleepy.

Sweet dreams everyone.  💋

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