Saturday, March 25, 2017


Good afternoon and Happy Saturday y'all.

Power to the people! ✊

I'm thankful to be in a jolly mood today. No tears yet.

Today is a busy day for me: re-packaging the meats for the freezer, laundry, filing, a bit of cleaning, taking out the trash, tightening my locs...

Yesterday was busy too. I did about a month's worth of shopping in a few days: my local healthy goods store, Aldi, TJMaxx, Ross, Dollar Tree, lunch at Chipotle.

I spent a couple of hundred bucks, excluding lunch. Most of it was spent on groceries; some was spent on one small gift for each of my grand dogs.

The babies: one girl (top) and one boy (bottom).

I no longer like pets in my living space because fur, parasites, fleas, vet visits, cleaning up the poop of another living being.

Growing up and into my early 20s, I had cats. I adored them; they loved me too, in their own way. (You cat people out there know what I mean.)

But once Baby Bliss was born, I lost the desire to have breathing balls of fluff laying about the house.

Call me a bad parent if you must but the only pet Baby Bliss ever had was a tetra named Sylvia. Sylvia lasted a few weeks with us. She died because Mr. Bliss kept turning the heat down despite it being a cold winter and me telling him the living room was too cold at night for Sylvia

Ah well...

However I did allow Baby Bliss to pet sit one weekend, to earn a Girl Scout badge. She was also allowed to pet sit for family friends at their homes, under my supervision. We also have family members with pets and she's spent lots of time with those critters as well.

So yes, a well-rounded childhood.

Any who, the real reason for this post has yet to be divulged.

Let me get to it.

This morning's last dream featured the author John Grisham. (Click the hyperlink if you aren't familiar with his work.)

He had come to visit at my friend's house. I don't know why.

(The friend in the dream is a former friend in waking life. She and I were friends from ninth grade until we parted company around age 33. The details of said parting are not to be divulged at the present moment.

In addition, why was it John Grisham and not Stephen King? I've read a Grisham or two in my life. I was even an extra in one of the movies made from one of his books. But King is one of my favorite writers. If we look at it in terms of how much of his writing I've read, King is my favorite author.

Grisham, who I've never met in person, didn't look like his photos at all. I guess he was the dream Grisham so what he looked like probably doesn't matter. And maybe he was just there as a representative of writing itself.

Okay so I'll take it that Grisham was the latter. Maybe Stephen King would have been too much for me, even in a dream. Yeah...)

So Mr. Grisham was at her house as was I. The exact wording of our conversation escapes me but I recall him offering to read some of my work and encouraging me to write more.

When I awoke, I had a renewed sense of purpose and I'm thankful.

I was starting to feel ambivalent about my writing. Not the aspect of it that I do for clients. Rather the writing that I'm supposed to be getting (back) to, with the goal of getting it out to the world via one or two online portals that will allow me to do so.

Other than this one of course.

Not that I don't appreciate the audience I have here. I do, I do!

I appreciate how each and every one of you takes time from your schedule to drop in here and have a read. Even if you don't comment, keep coming back. Hopefully there's something here that you find useful or entertaining.

What ever the reason, don't stop.

And when I get settled at one or two of those other places, I hope you will all join me.

Stay tuned for the invite.

Well folks, I hate to leave y'all but I'm hungry.

Gotta eat!



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