Thursday, August 4, 2016


It is with a modicum of decorum that I announce that my most recent suitor has become my most recent ex-beau.

It happened in the wee hours of Sunday morning, after our Saturday (July 23) date.

I thought our date had gone well. There was lots of smiling, smooching, nodding and foot tapping along to the tunes his friend's band was cranking out.

Fast forward to the wee hours and once again we were texting, as had become our habit. Then he mentioned something we did -- and something he thought I didn't do but should have -- on the date. He seemed not to like my response which led to him saying something I didn't like and thought of as passive-aggressive.

Stop the bus honey cuz this is where I exit.

I tried to lead him to what I felt was a more appropriately adult way to engage. No response. I wasn't sure if he'd dozed off or if he was busy elsewhere but several thousand heart palpitations and a few hours later,  I realized I wasn't up for retrieving whatever bug he had up his ass.

Before I laid me down to sleep, I let him know how I viewed his actions and how I had no place in my life for that type of interaction.

I also let him know I wouldn't be seeing him again.

Our situation was too new for that kind of crap. In addition, I felt like his reaction was residue from some bad thing that had happened in a previous relationship.

Lawd knows I'm dragging my share of baggage. But I'm not dumping it on anyone nor am I anyone else's dumpster.

Work out the heartache from a previous situation before it becomes quicksand; most importantly before attempting to engage in something that might cause regurgitation of the bullshit ingested before I came on the scene.

One thing I know for sure: what you allow is what continues.

Come in peace and we can hang, for a day, a week, a month, longer... Conduct unbecoming of a gentleman is frowned upon and cause for expulsion.

This is the only life I'll remember folks.

Although there have been and will be circumstances beyond my control, barring those occurrences, I choose to get every ounce of happiness I can while I'm able to appreciate it.


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