Monday, August 8, 2016


Happy Monday y'all.

I hope your weekend brought fun and excitement. Or peace and relaxation if that's what you needed.

Mine brought both.

I had a "first date" Friday evening.

It was a long one. We met at 9 p.m. When I next darkened my door sill, it was well after 5 a.m.

We have much in common, got along well.

There was dinner, lots of lively conversation and laughter, walking arm in arm, sitting, smooching.

And something amazing happened: I saw his aura. Actually I saw both our auras.

No, that wasn't on the agenda. We weren't discussing anything remotely aura-like when it happened. It just... happened.

Initially I thought I was seeing things. Hallucinating. Experiencing technical difficulties.

But I wasn't.

We talked about it after I realized what was happening.

He embraced the process and subsequent conversation readily but wasn't at all surprised at the occurrence.

While it didn't frighten me, I'm not sure I want to see more of the same. It feels invasive somehow, to see another person's energy without their prior agreement.

I'm sure someone reading this is a non-believer. It doesn't change my thoughts about it. We all believe in something. I believe in lots of things, seen and unseen.

Partly because I know that what is initially invisible to the "naked" eye can become visible with the help of any number of ocular-assisting tools.

Like that time in science class when I put an onion skin under the microscope for the first time and was able to view it on a cellular level.

Without the microscope, it wasn't possible.

I'm not trying to convince anyone. It's just a reminder of the possibilities that exist for the existence of things unseen, whether or not we believe.

And now I'm dismounting from my soapbox because I have a lunch date.

Same guy.

Should be interesting, as are the two of us.

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