Saturday, July 16, 2016


Happy Saturday y'all!

Just a quick update:

There were two more dates with the new dude, one Thursday and one last night.

Both were fun and interesting.

Thursday was a long date. Several hours of blissful fun.

Friday night was a short one: a political fundraiser.

We might be on for tonight but it's doubtful. Baby Bliss and I are attending an evening wedding. I'm probably gonna want to get home and stay there after it's done. It's been a busy week and I'm already beat.

It was almost noon when I left my bed today. I dozed off around 2 a.m. but sleeping that long usually only occurs when I'm running on fumes, which happens to be my current situation.

Maybe we'll see each other tomorrow.

Any who, it's my turn for the shower.

I'm outta here folks!

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