Thursday, July 14, 2016


Tuesday's date went well.

In fact, lots of things went well Tuesday. Really well. Unexpectedly well. From traffic to the lines in stores, I sailed through my outside activities.

Yesterday the paramour and I had ice cream after work. Waffle cones. (Dipped in chocolate which I didn't like but those were the only waffle cones left.)

My ice cream was orange dreamsicle with french vanilla (side by side, not mixed); he had mixed mint and dark chocolate.

We sat in a small park area between the ice cream shop and another store.

Good ice cream, good conversation, and yes, some good kisses.

Before we knew it, dusk was settling around us, nudging us towards departure time.

At dark he walked me to my car where there was more smooching.

The hormones were just running amok...

Today we have a date scheduled to start mid-afternoon which is why I should be asleep. (It's after 4 a.m.)

Silly ole me is still awake but drifting off, as I should be. I'll be flipping the "off" switch in about five minutes.

So I bid y'all a most fond farewell and end by saying "more later" because there shall be.


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