Friday, May 20, 2016


It appears another weekend has snuck up on us my dears.

And yes y'all, it will be another busy weekend for me. However this one shall be stag.

Yep, the latest suitor and I have parted ways. Although we had lots of fun together, our lifestyles weren't as compatible as I had hoped they would be.

Fun is... fun but as we all know, there is much more to living.

Last weekend (our last weekend together) started out well.

We had some unexpected time Thursday evening, which was fine. (See previous post.)

Friday evening we spent more time together.

Saturday I had a scheduled event that covered the whole afternoon but we had Saturday evening together as well as church on Sunday.

But it was Sunday that made the difference.

It began with my early morning dreams. The first one I recalled was an anxiety dream, which I knew as soon as I remembered it. The second dream was the pertinent one. It seemed ordinary but there was one thing that stood out. When I researched the symbolism, I realized that in waking life I had been squinting when I should have had my eyes wide open.

Because... fun.

My bad.

(I believe that God uses dreams to talk to us, to get our attention, to remind us of something(s) we may have overlooked. If you're a frequent reader here, you have an idea of my relationship with my dreams.)

After I was fully awake Sunday morning, I knew it was time to proceed with my eyes open wide.

There was so much to see.

Nothing I need share here but to cut to the chase, as he was driving me home Sunday evening, I began the conversation that led to me telling him we were winding down our last day together.

There were protests and tears (his) but in the end he understood why it was for the best.

It has taken me a long time to learn I have to be true to myself in order to have my best life possible. In some circumstances I'm still learning how to implement this truth. Sometimes it's a struggle but I must keep moving forward.

It's what I wish for him too.


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