Friday, May 20, 2016


Moving on...

It's Friday night and I'm sitting on the floor in my living room. It's been rainy for a few days and it's a bit nippy in here because it's only 59 degrees outside.

There's a pot on the burner. Mashed sweet potatoes and apple-maple flavored chicken sausage patties. I'm really hungry so I'm anxiously awaiting the aroma that says "done".

Baby Bliss is out painting the town with her friends. They're going to a club down in the big city. She's very excited because it's her first time clubbing.

I know that a few of her friends drink (some of them are over 21) but the young man who's driving does not. His older sister is going with them as well. I haven't met her but I do know their mom. She's a no-nonsense momma.

My concern is the weather. It's raining hard and the highway is under construction. Not a good night for "on the town".

However, what is to be shall be. I bequeath the children's safety to the gods and goddesses of the night, send positive energy, and release the outcome.

* * *

In other news, tomorrow promises to be another busy Saturday.

The ever-ebullient and much-loved Miz A is commandeering the home of a mutual friend, K, for another birthday bash. No, not for a friend but for Miz A herself.

It's true that her birthday was last month but K (who missed Miz A's birthday bash because he had to work) gave the the thumbs up for a BBQ at his house.

But it's been raining most of the week and tomorrow's forecast involves pop-up showers and there's mud.

So everything will probably be inside and based on an earlier conversation with Miz A, it appears  attendance will likely be sparse.

No matter. We are prepared.

We decided to scale back the amount of food, take a deck of cards, and carry on.

That's part one.

Part two involves an evening all-white party Miz A was invited to. As the Official Designated Driver, I am always invited as the plus-one so of course I'll be there.

Except I won't be dressed in white. I don't do all white. Quite the opposite as all black is my go-to for evening shindigs.

Baby Bliss said I mustn't buck the system in such a way. She said I should compromise and at least wear something white.


I have three potential outfits in mind: two black dresses and because the possibility of a compromise is within my a pair of black capri pants paired with a white crop top.

All three will travel to K's house because we're heading to the venue from there. Which leads us to part three.

There's a high probability that we'll go back to K's for a sleepover after the party. He lives closer to the venue than we do and it would be easier to sleep at his place until morning.

We already know he's amenable. The question mark goes to the third person who is scheduled to attend the party with Miz A and I.

Stay tuned.

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