Monday, March 21, 2016


March 31 will mark my fourth year of life without Mr. Bliss.

Although we meet often in my dreams, I will always miss him in waking life.

His beautiful smile, his willingness to help, the way he always encouraged me to try whatever half-baked notion I brought to him as a "what if", his zest for life...

He is missed by many, not just Baby Bliss and I or his family.

He touched a great number of lives. Hundreds. Possibly thousands. Maybe more.

He was one of the few people I've met in life who seemed to truly embrace his professed belief in Christ's teachings. Not in a stern Bible-thumping way but in the way he welcomed everyone with love.

He didn't care about a person's skin color, what kind of car someone drove, a person's religion, sexual preference, favorite food, shoe size... Mr. Bliss was open to possibility, if not for himself then for everyone else.

It's part of why we got along as well as we did.

Mr. Bliss loved holidays and the Easter season was on that list. Yesterday was Palm Sunday and I cried when I thought of what our day would have been like if he was still here.

He would have been up early fixing breakfast for us to enjoy before church. After church we probably would have had a nice dinner out, me and him talking about the delicious dinner we would have at grandma's on Easter Sunday...

Mr. Bliss was the best of all my husbands. Not to detract from the others because they all had their good points and there was one who would have been the best if there had been no Mr. Bliss.

What I mean is that Mr. Bliss was the best person for me because I was the best person for him. We fit in ways that didn't happen with the others.

If you have yet to meet the person who just does it for you, keep looking. I hope that old saying, "There's someone for everyone" is true because there is nothing like finding your "someone".

I'm so thankful that Mr. Bliss and I were in the right place at the right time on that fateful evening in October 1995; so thankful for the time we had together.

Every sloppy kiss and rolled eye, every squeeze of the derriere and every slammed door, every moment we spent holding hands on the couch and every time we ran the streets together -- it's all part of the magical perfectly imperfect history we shared once upon a time.

Until we meet again my darling Mr. Bliss...

Here is one of your favorite songs from one of your favorite movies. Laugh with me dear while you listen and know that you live in our hearts forever.


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