Saturday, March 26, 2016


It's been a great week and I'm thankful.

Baby Bliss and I enjoyed a few days of family frolic in the Outer Banks (a.k.a. OBX).

It was a fun vacation as well as an educational one.

In addition to eating, shopping, and sunning, we spent time at the Wright Brothers National Memorial where we walked hundreds of steps while learning more about the Wright brothers, many other aviators from around the world, as well as many aviation firsts in both our atmosphere and in space.

We also detoured at the Roanoke Island rest stop (the first stop in OBX but our last stop before leaving the area) where we viewed a very small cemetery for the Bowsers, a prominent African-American family from the area.

In all my years of study (both forced and independent) I've never heard of anyone from the Bowser family. Their story sounds interesting and I plan to research them this week.

Baby Bliss and I agreed that we liked OBX but missed the good eats in the Carolina Beach area.

In OBX she found a pizza place she liked and I found a place with good Chinese food. But there was nothing to compare to the finger-licking fried chicken, collards, and potato salad of A and G Bar-B-Que at Carolina Beach.

I also liked the drive to OBX a lot more than the drive to Pleasure Island (where Carolina Beach is located).

We'll probably take another drive to the beach before the year ends. My vote is for OBX again but with extensive research on good eats before we go. Another vacation in America without soul food ain't gonna cut it.

That's all for now y'all.

We have a family party in 12 hours.

Sweet dreams for us all...


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