Monday, March 21, 2016


For those who celebrate, Hosanna! I hope your Palm Sunday was one of revelation.

I was thankful to have awakened itch-free Sunday morning.

The story:

A short while after I got home from our glorious Sista Circle celebration, my face began to feel itchy.

I looked in the mirror and yep, just what I thought: hives. 

If you've never had hives (known to medical professionals as "urticaria", pronounced ur-tih-CARE-ee-uh), thank God and pray that you never will.

I've danced with them a number of times over the past 20 years.

The first time was after a cousin's baby shower. 

I was home playing solitaire on my desktop. My thighs began itching badly. I thought I'd scraped them under my desk one too many times, scooting back and forth in my chair.

When I checked, there were no scratches, only skin covered in raised welts.

I was horrified and didn't know what to do.

It must have been traumatic because I can't recall what happened next. Nor do I remember how it was diagnosed as hives.

What I do remember is deducing that the culprit was something (crab meat) another cousin had put in a seafood salad I'd eaten at the party. Her seafood salads were requested for many family parties but I'd never eaten if before that day.

Since then, I haven't been able to eat crab without an episode. 

Oh horror!

I grew up in a region that had crab cakes on menus all over town and in a family that feasted on crabs at every opportunity every summer until many of us moved south.

It was difficult to abstain but I've managed. It became easier after we relocated.

Saturday night there was gumbo. I've never eaten it and I really really wanted to try it. But the gumbo had crab meat in it. Sadly, I had to say no.

There's really no need to stress over this latest episode of hives because I may never know the cause.
(Definitely not crab because I didn't eat the gumbo. My new makeup? Maybe... A combination of something? Possibly...)

Any who, it's taken years but I have an effective solution: tiny homeopathic pellets called apis mellifica.

Thank God for homeopathy.


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