Saturday, March 19, 2016


Happy Saturday everyone!

It's overcast here, windy, a bit chilly. In the past few weeks we've had an abundance of sunshine and warm temps and I know they'll return soon so I'm not complaining.

I've already been out gallivanting and although the weather does require warm outerwear of some sort there's no need to drag the mink out of storage again.

However, when I hit the streets later, it's likely I'll be wearing pants, a rarity for me.

If I didn't have a previous engagement, I would be staying in tonight. But one of the sista-friends in our circle is hosting a themed event at her home this evening.

She's from that town in Louisiana known for partying and jazz funerals. Surely this evening's festivities will be worth me braving March winds for one night.

The party starts in a few hours so y'all know what that means.

Time for me to get ready to get ready.

More later...

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