Friday, March 18, 2016


The Mojita is gone. Imbibed. Did it's job.

I'll have another one day.

Funny that we saw it on the shelf in Target last night.

Funnier that it cost a whole dollar more at Target. I think Target price-matches but the store near me is closer.


It's almost time for a beach run for we two Bliss.

Sadly, Baby Bliss and I didn't have a vacation together last year. I went home twice -- once for a class reunion and once to visit a friend. Baby Bliss barely left the county.

True, she's an adult now and can run off with her friends at any given moment. Often she does. But she's a teenager, as are her friends. In the interest of caution, Baby Bliss isn't interested in taking extended trips without real adults.

I believe she gets that cautious streak from me and I'm glad she has it. Hopefully it will help keep her out of trouble as she journeys through life.

Soon she and I will be strolling the shores of our beach of choice. If we like the accommodations and the atmosphere, we'll go again after the summer crowds thin out.

In between, I'm scheduled to take a trip with two sista-friends. Both of them are long-time friends, one a true friend; the other is friend-like.

It's awkward when you're good friends with someone who has another good friend that you just don't mesh well with and your good friend likes to include their other good friend in on some things that require you to be in close proximity with the other friend for too long.

We've had that experience. Sometimes the other friend is really cool and fun; sometimes she's not. Those are the times I wish she had a mute button.

She likes to make snide personal comments and ask questions about things that just aren't her business (because she's not my good friend).

What the hell am I thinking? I'm not going on a vacation with that woman and my good friend. Three is an awkward number any way. Definitely for a vacation. I like even numbers. Two. Four. Six.

Gotta call my good friend and let her know I won't be there.

Vacation is for relaxation.


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