Wednesday, March 16, 2016


In today's news, I'm trying Something New.

Baby Bliss is totally besotted with drinking kombucha as often as possible.

One word: yuck.

Two words: It stinks.

The bouquet is my biggest issue.

In cat-like fashion, if something smells off, I won't eat or drink it. Surely there are millions of people in the world who share this inclination as well.

Yesterday when we made our water-refill/what's-for-dinner/and-some-of-that-too run at our local healthy foods market, Baby Bliss spotted her favorite brand of kombucha.

Of course she did. We have to pass it on the way to the refill machine.

She immediately informed me that she needed a bottle. Because it settles her stomach, which always needs settling. (So says she...)

As I had already spent $4.00 of my hard-earned money on something I'd bought her earlier, I wasn't inclined to add another $4.00 to the tally.

After she wore me down with her five-minute filibuster (yes, I know I'm using the word out of context), we reached an agreement: she would hush and I would buy the stinky drink.

Then I spotted something called a "sparkling probiotic drink". The name of the flavor is what caught my eye: Mojita Lime Mint Coconut.

Sounded like something magical...

Let me tell y'all a story:

Many dog years ago, when I was a drinker, a cousin introduced me to that tantalizing concoction known as the mojito. I immediately decided it was the most delicious alcoholic beverage I'd ever tasted.

I only had one in my whole drinking life and thank goodness I wasn't much of a drinker. That thing was so good that today I might be a raving alcoholic, chasing the sublime deliciousness of my first mojito, if not for my temperate nature concerning all things boozy.

Back in the produce aisle, after a brief discussion with Baby Bliss the Kombucha Queen, I decided to take a chance on this new-found temptation.

My darling daughter must have chug-a-lugged hers soon after we arrived home. I didn't see her do it but the empty bottle was on her nightstand when I went to her bedroom to talk with her a few hours later.

Several times over the course of the evening, she asked me if I was ready to drink mine. (No, I was not.)

It took me a while to get around to it. By then Baby Bliss had taken it from the fridge and said she would try it first, even though she hates anything to do with coconut.

She didn't like the taste but thought I would.

I did.


The first sip, while not horrible, was surprising and not in a good way. I found myself thinking, "At least it doesn't stink" because I wasn't sure that it wouldn't.

It took a few sips before I could say it was almost good. As long as it wasn't nasty, I was getting my $2.35 worth.

By the time I got half to three-fourths of it in my belly, it was bed time.

The remainder now rests in the darkness of the fridge, waiting for me to finish it off soon.



Here's a tidbit for the next post: I had a breakfast date yesterday.

Stay tuned for more.

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