Saturday, March 12, 2016


Happy Saturday y'all!

What do you have planned?

It's another busy day ahead for me.

Earlier this week, Baby Bliss began purging the treasure trove that is her closet.

The yield: two giant bags of trash; one decrepit papasan-style chair (trashed); one giant, filthy, fabric suitcase (trashed); one laundry basket full of "I can sell these online"; another laundry basket full of "mommy wants this stuff"; a tall fabric laundry hamper and a small suitcase full of "going to Goodwill"; one child-sized sleeping bag and a Trader Joe's paper sack full of goodies that will go to grandma.

The best part: Baby Bliss found a card hand-written to her by Mr. Bliss in 2004 as well as a small locket containing a photo of Mr. Bliss and one of his sisters. She almost cried.

For the past several days, we've been carefully sorting trash from re-useable and cleaning items that are to be given away.

Today I am responsible for parceling out what's being given away because I'm heading out for another of my many social obligations.

It's a mid-afternoon date with the girls for someone's birthday.

I say "someone" because I don't know the birthday sista but the party is being given by my good friend and intriguing socialite, Miz A.

My life has truly become more interesting since meeting her last fall.

If there's a cool event going on, Miz A has either planned it or she has an invite. Either way, if I want to be included, I'm in.

She gives lots of birthday parties, casual gatherings, activities centered around special events (Superbowl, etc.),  all affording me the pleasure of meeting new people who may or may not expand my circle. I've had a great time at every event.

And did I say "a date with the girls"? That may not be true.

Yes, it's a party for one of Miz A's sista friends. However that doesn't necessarily mean just womenfolk. Miz A has many many friends, male and female. Sometimes we all converge upon a location at once, like a swarm of locusts.

One never knows who might be in attendance.

Rest assured that I shall dress accordingly.

That is all.

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