Saturday, March 12, 2016


Although I was just plum worn out earlier, I wasn't able to fall into a deep restful sleep like I wanted.

My pillows were uncooperative, my daughter was busy turning lights on and off as she bustled around, and my mind wouldn't slow down.

I drifted off several times only to awaken with every odd sound.

At some point I managed to stay asleep. Lots of dreams in about 2.5 hours of snoozing but I can't remember a single one. I do recall the presence of the Scorpio. (My Friday afternoon lunch date.)

When I awoke again, it was after 10:30. I got up and somehow lost an hour because when I looked at my phone again, it was after 11:30 p.m.


So, more details about Friday's date:

 - Parking near the venue was awful. I drove around for a few minutes before I found a good space.

- I arrived before he did, and only a few minutes late. (Thank you overly full parking lot.)

- He was shorter than I expected. Not a big deal.

- He was casually dressed: jeans, striped polo-style pullover. Nice quality fabrics. (I have an eye for these things.)

- He was handsome in a way that I wouldn't have noticed if we'd crossed each other's paths somewhere like the mall.

- He was very masculine but not macho.

- He was articulate, well-spoken. But I knew that from our phone conversations.

We met at the bar and ate there. Which led me to believe he has eaten there before (if not often) because the restaurant was full and the bar was empty and I felt like he knew those things already. Or perhaps he called ahead and got the 411. Or something else entirely. (I am always aware that not everything I think is the absolute truth.)

I let him decide on the appetizer, the meal (which I shared with him), and dessert (which we ate with our appetizer and is something I usually don't eat on dates). Normally I make my own decision about what to order but I figured a change of pace could be nice.

He ordered a stout and I had a Shirley Temple (that the bartender refilled several times).

Our food was really good.

The appetizer was a lobster queso with what appeared to be freshly-made tortilla chips in pretty colors.


The  wedge of key lime pie we indulged in was tasty. Not as tart as I prefer but what made it taste better was us taking turns feeding it to each other. He started it and I was happy to play along.

For the main course, we shared a shrimp and strawberry salad festooned with pecans and garnished with fresh jicama. Also delicious.

Our conversation covered everything from our children to politics.

He also spiced up our dialogue with a few tidbits that had me all hot and bothered, a feat not easily accomplished as I like to imagine myself as having seen or heard most things known to wo/mankind.

Definitely a Scorpio, this guy.

Overall, I was nicely impressed but not... swept away.

When that happens (as I was so fortunate to experience with my dearly departed Mr. Bliss), the whole world will know.

Until then, sleep beckons once again. I've been awake since 10:30 last night and I can feel myself drifting off again...

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