Sunday, March 13, 2016


I hung out with my grandma, two aunties, and a cousin for a few hours yesterday before I headed home from the birthday party.

My grandma has quite the sense of humor. Right on the edge of, "Grandma! I can't believe you said that!"

She had us all cracking up. I returned the favor by showing her funny animal photos from the internet.

Being there, enjoying a good time with my family, I was reminded of how much I had loved spending weekends, summers, and school holidays at grandma's house for so many years of my childhood. Even though we don't always agree on things these days, I love grandma for all she's done to help me, for everything she's taught me.

Laughing with grandma and my aunts was a great ending to a great day. As I headed home, I found myself thinking, "If only she could be like that all time..."


Knowing grandma, she was probably thinking the same thing about me while I was walking out her door.

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