Saturday, September 5, 2009

450: Saturday.


Hey y'all.

It's a beautiful sunny day in our neighborhood. What's it like in yours?

Baby Bliss and I are indoors today, listening to folk frolic at the pool. She's not feeling well so we're gonna stay in to watch movies.

We started watching "Jesus, Mary and Joey" last night but I nodded off. It's good but kinda slow.

Lunch for me will be leftover Japanese from last night's dinner.

Baby Bliss is refusing food and drink right now. After last night's "tummy incident", I'm sure it's for the best. She'll eat when she feels better.

I'm working on several projects, as usual. In addition, I still haven't finished rounding up my receipts so we can file our taxes. *sigh*

Labor Day weekend finds me laboring very much.

Such is life...



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