Friday, September 4, 2009

449: Friday funshine.

Hey y'all.

Friday has been good to me!

Warm sunshine tickled me awake after 8 hours of much-needed snoring.

My day started with a relaxing plop into my patio perch so my day's work could commence.

A few hours later I realized I should be out running my Friday errands.

But Mr. Bliss was already out and about, running his errands, in prep for a weekend trip to his family reunion.

So I waited for his return, to say good bye. Also, Baby Bliss said he was bringing breakfast.

By the time I made my escape it was 1 p.m.

I had to make my bank run, needed to return a few defective items, return and pick up library materials, gas up my ride, and drop a Mr. Bliss special (home made apple pie) at my grandma's.

I hoped to be done before the school buses hit the roads but no such luck.

Being forced to wait for one dad to have a long conversation with the driver as he retrieved his kid from the bus wasn't a total waste of time. He didn't appear too anxious to start his holiday weekend. I jammed to my music while I waited.

The clock was rolling past the 4 o'clock hour when I returned home.

Traipsing the streets for three hours was actually good timing considering all the traffic I'd run into.

Watching the news later made me thankful I'd made it home alive after. Apparently there was a bad pile up on the route I would have taken home had I not taken the long way so I could fill up at my favorite cheap gas station.


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