Wednesday, November 12, 2008

426: Oh dear.

Poor Mr. Bliss.

I guess he was so eager to get home from work to see his loving wife (that would be me) that he didn't see the deer running full speed towards the right side of his truck.

Thank God for good ole Detroit steel. If Mr. Bliss had been driving a newer model truck (his dates back to the early 70s) I might be visiting him at the hospital instead of sitting here typing.

But now I have to take him to work tomorrow morning. In the rain... And rush hour traffic. Good that he works less than 10 miles from home.

On another note, I was reading RuPaul's "Lettin It All Hang Out" last night. I've always admired Ru's fashion sense, especially the Flawless Face she always presents us with. For years my dream has been to have Ru do my make up.

Well that day may never come but the beauty tips I found in the first chapter have given me hope that I too may one day achieve Drag Queen Glamour. But it won't be cheap because RuPaul swears by M.A.C. and I know what that kinda looking cute costs.


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